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​Mukiibi Hated Condoms, He removed the condom after one minute – VICTIM

​Mukiibi Hated Condoms, He removed the condom after one minute – VICTIM

I was contacted by one of Mukiibi Victim’s whose names will be kept private as the law requires. 
I gave her confidence that I wasn’t going to judge her since am trained to listen to cases like these full of emotions. 
Her Story.
I was a student in Creamland for  one Year, after choosing creamland as my A’Level campus, i was previously in another Mukiibi school for for my O’Level, I got into a relationship with Mukiibi that was very short Leaved, honestly its wasn’t a relationship he just wanted quick sex from me.
I was summoned to his office and whenIob got in the boss stood up and held her hand. Then he wraped his hand around my waste and immediately the confusion started he said nothing but continued to touch me inappropriately in my private parts, I was scared but it was hard to say a word since he was saying nothing. Then he told me everything will be alright, I was too scared to say a word not even say no, I was 16 then and you know we are allowed to grow our hair and treat it at school. Mukiibi pulled out his penis as he pushed me to his desk, at this moment I made a signal to indicate no, he removed a condom from his pocket and left me with no option, he entered me while I was even dry and after a minute he slowly removed the condom and put back his penis back inside me, I was in shock to feel something different inside me. When he was done he asked if I was okay I didn’t respond, he then told me, that he was told am a good student and would want me to stay in his school till the university without paying fees, I was still in shock Titus and again I didn’t respond, he told me he will call for me when all paperwork is done. Two days later he told a student to find me and tell me I was needed but I didn’t go back.

I have myself to blame for not stopping him but I was too scared to do that, I left his office and never returned although he kept asking for me, after four months I started feeling weak and feverish so I checked my self into a clinic but there did see anything, I later had an HIV test and it was positive. I reported this to my mother plus that experience. My mother was in disbelief she cried, we cried together but she understood that in my position I could do much to prevent that. My mother is a single mum she took me to doctors and they have been helpful. 
Titus I want you to tell my story, I want to come out in any court of law or commission and tell a judge what happened, not for the money, I dont need money am going to die but for the young girls out their who are abused by these school administrators. 
In Uganda people will always judge you, I have nothing to lose now all I want is for people to know. I am 17.5 years now and hope to stay alive at least for another 30 years but not with a happy life, I feel guilty all the time. My health is now stable because I started drugs much early according to doctors. I think there are girls who haven’t started treatment who are still leaving in denial.
Thank you for your time and continued support you must have lucky sisters. 
Did your parents ever report this to police? 
Ans. No mummy thought that since I didn’t shout or say no out loud there couldn’t be a case. Mummy also said no one would believe me since I didn’t report a case immediately, but to get out of school you must first get permission, you can’t report him to fellow administrators. Basically its gets complicated from the start.
How do you feel after talking about this? 
Ans. To be honest I feel good especially when you listen and understand, when you called me back I felt like it was the beginning of a new chapter. I felt happy on hearing the news about his death, don’t get me wrong am not a sadist but I knew he wouldn’t hurt anyone else.
After those posts you made, my mummy told me someone thinks we had a case, we read them together and saw that we were only thinking in the direction of rape yet there are other sex crimes, many of us dont know that sexual harassment is a crime, I didn’t even know what it means until I read your posts. You said I can still see a lawyer but this will be too much for me to handle. I will have to think about it.
Thank you, for believing in me.



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