10 Cool Ways To Make Money While At Campus

10 Cool Ways To Make Money While At Campus

Wondering how to survive at campus without having to call your zeyis everytime you run out of cash? Wondering how you can always afford that next cool outing and not be a parasite to your friends. Well, there are some cool ways to make money while at campus. Infact, are sharing at least 10 of them.

1. Event Ushering
You could choose to sign up for one of those Event ushering firms and earn per gig you do. Or you could take it a notch higher, team up with a group of friends and start your own event ushering agency. All you have to do is go out and network with event managers and ask to partner with them as the leading source of cool campus ushers. This business works best for ladies. No one wants to be ushered by some bearded dude.

2. Event Promoter
Have a good following at campus? Why not become the next promoter at your campus for all upcoming events. If you even have a big social media following, that is even better. You can then charge based on how long you run the promotions and the frequency. As a bonus, you also get to freely attend the events you are promoting.

3. Make-Up Specialist
Why not start a make-up lounge in your hostel room? Become the next make-up guru at campus. You just need to learn how to transform people’s faces from simple to awesome. These days it doesn’t even matter whether one is male or female, anyone can become a make-up specialist.

4. Social Media Manager
Are you good at social media? So why not use your skills to earn some money? Everyday companies are looking for people to manage their social media accounts. Others are looking for social media event managers, the chaps who tweet out during events. You just have to be good at it and you will soon be earning off your skills.

5. Campus Blogger
Now, there are a number of campus websites that will pay you per story you write. If you have some good writing skills, then you will have some bucks to run you through campus. You can also become a youtube blogger and earn money from google adverts or better still, begin your own blog.

6. Brand Ambassadors
Brand Ambassadors are the people appointed by brands to spread the message about it. They are the number one fans of a brand. Brand ambassadors earn at least UGX 500,000 a month and have exclusive access to all brand events. Just apply to be a brand ambassador of any of your favourite brands.

7. The Course Work Mucuuba
Do you have those students who are too busy to do their own coursework? Become the fixer. You will do your own coursework but also help them do theirs at a fee. It is all easy.

8. Printing and Photocopying
You can open up this business right inside your hostel room. Just let peole know that you print, type and Photocopy at a slightly cheaper price.

9. The Night Errands Guy
This is one of the newly creative businesses. You know how people will always want things late in the night? Like how that guy will want CDs delivered to his room because he just got lucky? Or how some chaps get hungry in the middle of the night. Become that guy with all those supplies.

10. Escorting
This is one of the most trending businesses at campus with a number of hot girls involved. An escort earns around 100k to 300k per hour. All you have to do is create your profile on ang of the escorting websites in Uganda and name your price then start receiving phone calls.



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