10 Ugandan Companies with the Highest Paying Internship Places

10 Ugandan Companies with the Highest Paying Internship Places

Every student desires an opportunity to make some money during their course of study. Nothing beats an organization that pays interns for turning up to work every day. We find out some of those great organizations with the best allowances for Interns. They are listed in no order.

1. Mukwano Group of Companies
Even though they are very strict on time and work from Monday to Saturday (which many campusers will hate), they have some of the best benefits for interns. If you really want to get the most out of your internship, nothing beats Mukwano. They have a rotation around all the departments, and various sectors of this group of companies. One day you will be with the Soap plant, another day you will go to the Oil refinery. At the end of your internship, you can be assured of nothing less than Shs.200,000 plus a whole basket of goods such as basins, cooking oil, soap and washing powder. Beat that chaps. Not forgetting the free lunch they offer, so you won’t hustle.

2. Eskom Uganda Ltd
This could be the best company to work for by far. Located in Jinja which is the only downside so you would have to rent a house in Jinja during your internship. But who cares? There’s still much more to the experience. You are paid a certain amount for every day you show up to work which is paid out at once at the end of your internship. Eskom employees literally work from Monday to Thursday. Work on Friday stops at 3pm. And if it’s a payday, work here stops at noon. Some of our staff have interned here and no company in the world beats their food, it’s just on another level.

3. Observer Uganda
This tri-weekly newspaper could be the best news for many Mass Communication students looking for a career in Journalism. It’s as though everyday they eat grilled chicken. On top of that, interns are paid for every story they write. If you are hardworking, you will even make six or seven figures by the end of your internship. Above all, if you really want to be a journalist, you will be retained so you don’t suffer with unemployment.

4. Monitor Publications
Same story like at Observer. For every story you write, that’s at least 20,000. For stories with bigger word-counts, you will be talking of about 100,000 to 200,000. Imagine if you write four stories every week, at the end of the month, you will be the richest intern. You will be retained if you love working for them. The only downside is that the food at the restaurant is getting more expensive. But if you are looking at career growth as a Mass Comm student, this is the place for you.

5. Century Bottling Company (Cocacola)
Cocacola walks the talk when it comes to giving the best life to its interns. They even have travel allowances for interns. For those who stay away from Namanve, there are always a number of vehicles to give you a lift back home. And mehn, the food and salary is just in its own league. You intern here, months will feel like hours.

6. Nile Breweries
For the drunkards, this is the place to work at for your internship. Can I hear a chant from the Kikoni boys? Yes, every evening after work, interns simply head to the company bar and drink as much as they wish as long as you show up sober the next morning. In the evening, you get to play pool and other games with the CEOs and top management so you can break their egos as they do back in office. The salary for interns is attractive, but it’s competitive to find your way in.

7. Uganda Breweries
This is another company everyone should intern at before they leave University. Most important is that you quickly get to handle real work challenges and work on them. You are given actual responsibilities unlike most companies which despise interns. And you are paid like a boss. You drink some of the best brands in the evening such as Gold Label, and you eat the best. The safety at the workplace is superbly unchallenged.

Other Companies:
-Wagaga Limited
-Bank of Uganda
-Parliament Uganda
-Civil Aviation Authority



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