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5 Signs You Need To Dump Your Kyambogo Slay Friend

5 Signs You Need To Dump Your Kyambogo Slay Friend

Sometimes friendships run their course. And that’s even more true for your Kyambogo female friends. But how do you know it’s high time to ditch that female friend of yours? How do you know it’s time to show your girl bestie the exit? Here are 5 signs:

1. She purposely tries to put you down.

What kind of friend even does this? I mean, I guess I get it. She’s jealous of you and how awesome you are and she just sucks, so she tries to insult you if the chance arises. This person will point out your insecurities or imperfections not just to you, but in front of other people as well. So you dyed your hair a weird shade of blonde and now look like Justin Timberlake circa 1997. Or maybe you decided to start slutting it up because you’re about to graduate (no judgments) and want to indulge in as much UCU di*k as you can. It’s not her place to shame you for your actions, not like her snarky comments bother you anyways. Haters gon’ hate.

2. She talks shit about EVERYONE.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, it’s time you open your eyes and realize that not all people are loyal. Basically, if somebody is willing to shit talk about literally everyone in your social circle, that person is definitely talking trash behind your back. When she says, “OMG I love your dress!” she will later turn to Tasha and say, “She looks like a fucking cow in MUST.” This “friend” isn’t trustworthy at all whatsoever to say at the least.

3. She doesn’t try to get to know your boyfriend.

I don’t know which is more annoying: your friend and boyfriend always attempting to slit each others’ throats, or your friend just not even trying to get to know him. Maybe they don’t get along for whatever reason, but a real friend would at least try to be civil. And she should at least make an effort to get to know him, even if that means learning about his boring puppy that he brought from Mombasa.

4. She isn’t supportive of you.

If she doesn’t respect your decisions, break up with her. However, if she is just trying to offer you real advice, maybe hear her out. There’s a fine line between holding your hair back while you puke your guts up and telling you to slow down and sitting there saying, “Wow. All you ever do is drink. Why are you even applying to grad school?” Bitch, shut up. At least you aren’t going to end up on a corner like she probably is.

5. She lies to you more than a normal human should.

Who are you kidding? You totally know this cunt hooked up with your ex. You even saw that he left his shirt at her place for crying out loud. And obviously that’s why she “couldn’t go out” when the two of you broke up, so you were left bawling your eyes out on your couch with your dog. If you don’t call her out on her shit, she is just going to keep doing it. Easier solution: get rid of Pinocchio.

The thing is, you have to change your expectations for your close friends. If you feel like you’re hanging out with Lord Voldemort all of the time, there’s something wrong. You should not be scared of what your friends are going to say about your new hairstyle. You shouldn’t regret telling a friend that you were Eiffel Tower-ed last night. You’re not being a bitch for calling it quits on this “friendship,” she’s being a bitch for treating you the way she does..



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