5 Things Every Campuser Hates About Internship

5 Things Every Campuser Hates About Internship

Whereas internships are great nio nio for experience and all that, they can also suck. Ever wished for that internship or industrial training to end? These are 5 things every Campuser hates about internship.

1. Companies That Don’t Provide Lunch
We can keep up with the strict reporting times. But it sucks having to dig in one’s pockets to buy their own lunch. Interns hate working at a place that doesn’t provide lunch. It makes internship days a total struggle.

2. Being Vibed By The Older Chaps
You know how every dude thinks they have a right to vibe you just because you are on internship. How they all keep sending you those annoying whatsapp messages, using outdated lines just to try and get into your pants. This is not the internship we all dream about.

3. Bullied into Doing Stupid Tasks
Someone wants to drop some documents to some other desk? Guess who they send? It is the intern. Someone wants to pick things from the photocopier, and they send the intern. All of a sudden, the intern becomes everyone’s slave for tasks that don’t help them to learn anything.

4. Mean Bosses
When the University supervisor finally comes, you would expect your boss to praise you. Instead we have those mean bosses who act like the world starts and stops with them. Aarggghhh

5. Being Away from your friends
Our friends are fun. But we have to put up with 3 months of no see. Funny how it all seems to never end. This totally sucks.



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