Advice to a Fresh Ugandan Graduate: 10 Things One Needs To Know

Advice to a Fresh Ugandan Graduate: 10 Things One Needs To Know

Anne Whitehead, a Communications and Public Relations Pro in Uganda opened up a thread on her twitter account where she asked her followers: “If you were graduating from University in Uganda today, what kind of advice do you wish someone would give you?”

We curate some of the great pieces of advice that came through the thread:

Tom Ddumba: “Develop a saving culture and avoid slaying, it doesn’t pay in the long run. Actually to be precise, save 30% of whatever you earn. It is hard, but if every month you realize that 30% your earnings is not your money, you will at least have your full salary in three months. Just like a country must have enough forex to cover imports, one should have at least 3 months’ salary savings cover.”

Derrick Odur: “Buy a pair of bata shoes my dia, they are durable with a thick sole.”

Amia Pamela: “That l should be prepared to get a job outside my profession.”

Gerard Iga: “Once you walk out of those university gates, you enter the classroom of life, the school of hard knocks. It’s time to either prove the paper your university gave you right (if you passed highly) or wrong (if your grades were not convincing).”

Brian Ahereza: “How to become an Entrepreneur that’s All and not to undermine any Job.”

Sourced: “This is when the real hard work starts. Keep your mind open and never stop growing your friends and acquaintances.”

Sheillah Abaho: “How to save the little you get and make use of it in the future.”

Eve Ashley: “Hustle till expensive becomes cheap.”

Omar Mugabo: “To go out there and claim your place. The University paper is just the minimum of the needed requirements to do so.”

Bin Oshabe: “Just work on discovering as many things as possible…. Make right friends and don’t throw all your eggs in one basket.. You can look for a job as you run a chapati stall…”

Innocent Bamurike: “Read more (and widely) like your life depended on it.”

Tim: “You are an intelligent life form living on a tiny rock somewhere in the galaxy after billions of years of evolution. The fact that you have wasted 20+ years of your life to create a good CV for another life form to judge and get hired undermines your effort and birth as a human.”

That Acholi: “These people don’t care about your degree. Go ahead and become more than what the university made you so they won’t ignore you anymore.”

Faith Mulungi: “Graduation is the beginning of your solo hustle. Everyone’s path is different. It may not work out at first but keep perfecting your skill. Make as many social connections from those come open doors.”

Kahill Kuteesa: “’It’s not the degree, but the skills you have accumulated.’ Or ‘Your degree paper is going to rot in your parents’ drawers’

Shaviraking: “Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life.”

Carol Omugave: “The grass is NOT always greener on the other side of the fence.”

Ian Ortega: “The only advice I would give to a graduate is “be patient in the longterm and impatient on the short-term.” What every fresh graduate has is time, learn, invest in things that compound e.g social capital, skills. Mix Ambition with Patience.”




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