Apostle Grace Lubega: The Phaneroo Man Leading Ugandan Campus Babes To God

Apostle Grace Lubega: The Phaneroo Man Leading Ugandan Campus Babes To God

In the 90s and early 2000s, Pastor Martin Sempa was the man of God that many Ugandan campusers identified with. At the Makerere University Poolside is where the famous Prime Time always took place. Ugandan girls at campus were giving their lives to Jesus thanks to Pastor Sempa. And to further enhance his image, he had a Mzungu for a wife. Nothing could have branded him better to speak to campusers like all these facts. Then slowly he fizzled out. And today, Prime Time is an image of its former self.

Yet with all this happening, it seems the Heavens have now brought up a new generation of believers. One of those men is Apostle Grace Lubega, the man behind Phaneroo. Unlike Prime Time that was specific mainly to Makerere University, Phaneroo Fellowship is a revolution taking over the whole of Uganda but especially the Ugandan campus girls.


Phaneroo is a Greek word to imply; “make manifest.” At Prime Time is where Roger Mugisha of Shadows Angels shared his testimony, at Phaneroo is where walls are getting broken down and lives are taken to a new dimension.

It’s not uncommon these days to find Ugandan girls speaking in tongues in taxis, in lecture halls, even while having chaws. Whatever Phaneroo is doing, it ought to keep doing it. But what about the man behind this great fellowship? Yes, we mean Apostle Grace Lubega.

Though born in a staunch Roman Catholic Family, this didn’t stop Lubega from giving his life to Jesus Christ. At the age of eight, he became Born Again while at a crusade only to lose his path once again. It’s at University in November 2005 that he found his bearing once again. Once again, he recommitted his life to Jesus Christ.


While working at KCB bank as a Supervisor in charge of Customercare, Business and Personal Banking, a voice of God came to Lubega. He was being told to begin a fellowship targeting young people and answer the questions that Jesus left unanswered. He realized that at University stage is when most Ugandans wasted their lives and that if a revolution was to happen, somebody had to reach the young ones at this stage of their lives.

Two months back, his spiritual father, Bishop Isaiah Mbuga of Christ Heart Ministries in Mukono released him and allowed him to start a church. Thus, Phaneroo Fellowship will now be growing into a full ministry with a Church to its name.

Like his most loved phrase; indeed, it is working for Grace Lubega. Every Thursday, the most beautiful girls around Ugandan campuses are seen strolling towards the MTN Arena in Lugogo for the Phaneroo fellowship. But the Arena is already packed and the Apostle is looking for bigger space to host these groups of young people that are growing exponentially.

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In his latest Mercedes Benz, Apostle Grace Lubega makes no apologies for this. He says God has called everyone to be rich and have a taste of Heaven on earth because Heaven is already in us. What is left is for everyone to make things manifest. The man who says he has no fear is surely on another sphere of life. He proclaims that he can never die of disease neither accident.

Though still single, he’s made it clear that he’s looking for a woman who above everything has submission. Many have referred to him as the Ugandan version of Pastor Christ Oyakhilome, the popular man of God behind Christ Embassy. “He speaks like him, talks like him and performs just like him. It’s as though they’re twins only that he’s dark-skinned.”

Well, that’s the brief background to the man who commands influence among Ugandan University students more than even the President. If tomorrow Apostle Grace Lubega commanded that all campus girls in his fellowship gather at constitutional square, the government of Uganda would fall, for the girls would listen to him and act as he says. Now that’s a man of God. It is working.



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