“Baryamureeba is an Attention- Seeker”—Ssemujju Nganda

“Baryamureeba is an Attention- Seeker”—Ssemujju Nganda

While appearing on the Capital Gang, Ssemujju Nganda, the spokesperson of Forum for Democratic Change used the chance to dismiss off Prof. Baryamureeba. Asked what he thought about Baryamureeba, Nganda noted that he thinks Barya should not have been a vice chancellor in the first place. “Baryamureeba is an attention seeker. He should not even have ever been a vice chancellor.”

Nganda also noted that Makerere University is at a time when it needs a paradigm shift. He decried the state of the University comparing it to another populated secondary school. The honourable also said the problem was that Makerere was almost the only University in the country and that others had failed to grow to the size of it. “If the Kyambogos and Busitemas had been grown to the same level, Makerere would not be having the problems it has today. It suffers from under-funding but also from too much intervention from the state,”Nganda stated.

Uganda who was pessimistic noted that Prof. Nawangwe was bound to suffer the same problems that his predecessors have suffered. All other panelists thought Nawangwe was the best choice for Makerere University but agreed he was going to be trapped in the same cycle of Makerere’s endless problems.



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