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Battle of Hangouts: Valhalla versus Game Club 

Battle of Hangouts: Valhalla versus Game Club 

Our resident party animals have been at Valhalla and Game Club ever since the year started and they are now ready to pass a verdict on the winner of this Battle. Both are located on Lumumba Avenue. So we start off;

  1. Game Club 

Game Club is the former Steak Out. It rebranded to Game Club because it wanted to become the ultimate sports and entertainment spot for campus students. They have hosted the first campus beer olympics in the past, further evidence that games start and end here.

Game club is as spacious as they get. So be certain even on a day with many campusers, it will always have enough space for one to walk around. They have a VIP section, which for goodness sake has no big difference from the General Section of the club. The usual criteria for entry to the VIP section is being smart, and buying a bottle of spirits. Campus celebrity couples celebrating birthdays love hanging around in the VIP section so be sure, you will always have cake to munch on while inside.

But some of the dudes they let into VIP just have a knack for fights. Bouncers are always breaking up fights in this section. They have pool tables, and foosball active for those who want to drink while listening to awesome music and playing games.

One of their sucking points is that they have no cocktails. For goodness sake, which bar in this age and era fails to have a cocktail? Every bar ought to go LOCO for COCO. Because UG Waragi Coconut is the thing.

Their drinks are cheap, and so their target market won’t really feel left out. But their toilets have a pungent smell. There is no one to keep cleaning them up to match the day’s demand for them. So be sure, you will always hate the trip to the urinals.

They have some fairly hot babes and some local ones from YMCA and Makerere. Nonetheless, you will find girls with good assets. And on some days, the money hungry Muyindi decides to charge money for entrance, something we have defied as CampusEye Party animals.

2. Valhalla

Now Valhalla is the place, one because its name makes it sound like some exotic location where the party happens 24-7. It’s much cooler when someone calls you and you are like; “am gonna be at Valhalla.”

So girls love it because it gives the illusion of having arrived. They have calm bouncers who stick to their duty of just ensuring everyone is having a good evening with awesome music and safety.

Let’s give credit to their bar manager. She has the best customer care. We’ve forgotten her name but babe, you are the thing. She will even make you want to spend all your lifetime at Valhalla. They have one of the unbeatable Reggae nights.

Well, they also have cocktails. Though they need to get better shakers, those bar men that understand how to make a superbly unforgettable cocktail. Last time we were there, they had run out of Alvaro. And yes, they have crispy waitresses, you get to joke with them, one even had a name; “Didi.” We were like, are you Didadada? She burst out in laughter.  We dissed the other waitress Prossie for not having enough Alvaro and ice.

Their Deejay is more experienced than the one of Game Club. He will get you on your feet. The girls who get in here are the ones you wouldn’t mind take with you back to your apartment for a weekend of fun. Some of course are liars. One gave us the wrong room number of Betsam Hostel. Goodness, we found ourselves meeting a different person altogether. But we forgive that lying babe because at least she was hot.

Sometimes the real party happens inside their in-house club. There’s that section of Valhalla where those campusers or chaps decide to spend their night. It’s a house that was converted into an exclusive bar. It’s like the VIP of Valhalla. Actually Valhalla has no VIP because it believes all chaps are equal. If anyone feels unequal, they can go ahead and buy out the whole bar. They also have some good food to cater for those hungry chaps.

THE VERDICT: Without fear or favour, we pronounce Valhalla as the winner of this battle. It charges no entrance fees on popular nights unlike Game Club and its Muyindi manager. So it is 9/10 for Valhalla and 7/10 for Game Club.



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