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Why Are Betsam Hostel Girls Liars?

Why Are Betsam Hostel Girls Liars?

So it’s Friday night, we decide to rock Valhalla. Despite its pomp and all that, it’s still an average bar and night hangout spot, with some good average girls, and its fair share of Makerere and YMCA students. Not forgetting a few graduates that have just landed jobs and want to spend some money at a decent place.

We meet this group of girls, two of them ugly, one very beautiful. We ignore the ugly ones, they decide to cock-block us. Well, we had broken the first rule of girl groups. You first befriend the ugly one aka the survivor. Anyway, we are so funny so the hot chic can’t resist our fun. She had already been bored.

We keep cracking jokes as she endlessly hugs us. What a smile she had. We ask for her number, she plays around in circles. We broke the next rule of phone numbers. Simply hand out your phone and let her type in her number. What’s your name? “I am Esther.” Esther is very awesome.

She says she’s headed to Fame. But we decide our night proggie is meant for another hangout. We cancel out the zombying moments to Fame. But then she decides we are fun. You know what you guys, she asks? “You can come to my hostel at MUBS, Betsam Hostel, Room D13.”

Now that’s where the story starts. We decide going forward, we shall only take girls’ addresses, nothing like phone numbers. Who even needs a phone number.

Time forward we decide to gather the courage and visit Betsam Hostel. We have no IDs, we grant the askari a ka 1K. He is happy to let us pass. We go looking for D13. Men never ask for directions. After looking endlessly, we ask some babe, another survivor. She says D13 is at the new Betsam. We head to that new block, a bit more executive than the old.

We get to D13, knock, knock. No response. We open, some dude is seated on the bed. Well, campusers never have chairs. They are too broke for life. We ask the dude; “where is Esther?” Well, Esther is outside at the balcony. He calls Esther.

What a shock!!! It is not the Esther we expected. It’s a totally different girl. We’ve never met her. Who even does this? Who gives wrong directions? Now there’s only one clue. That Valhalla girl was not Esther. She just knows an Esther who stays in D13 at Betsam Hostel, that’s her cool way of rejecting dudes.

Dear Esther of Betsam D13, some friend of yours is using your name and hostel room number as her own. Better find out who she is, because she’s setting you up for many dudes. Like, so many. I guess that’s what she tells every dude who hits on her. But on second thoughts, why are most Betsam girls liars?



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