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    Poor Meals at Makerere University  


    Tracie Mugisha
    New Member
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    22/10/2016 12:31 pm  

    So whats this issue of strikes about poor meals at campus? I call this a result of being idle. Bare me witness, things to do with meals at campus are always tough. People in halls are even lucky, u have something to eat, your friends in hostel are yawning, fainting and some bedridden due to hunger. I advise Students bare with the situation at hand, read your books. u didn't come to campus to eat!!! If u cant bare with the fake meals, easy drop out. U didn't come with a maid to cook for u n don't think the money u pay for meals is enough to earn u a meal from Protea Hotel. Campus is hard, u will include that in your graduation speech.
    Scarcity and the quality of food at campus is the reason we have campus figures, so I don't want to hear any food strikes anymore.


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