Derrick Muhunde, the UCU SexTape Actor is Graduating [Interview]

Derrick Muhunde, the UCU SexTape Actor is Graduating [Interview]

We caught up with Edwin Derrick Muhunde, the actor in the famous UCU Sextape. He shared with us about his life at campus, his plans after graduating and his current acting roles. Yes, he also has some advice for the chaps at campus.

CampusEye: Hi Derrick, you’ve gained weight, what’s the secret?

Derrick: It’s all God’s favour mehn. He’s blessed me. Been with me, and I do gyming.

CampusEye: So we hear you graduating this week, right?

Derrick: Yeah, I am glad this journey is ending, aint been easy, but it’s getting done.

CampusEye: What degree were you pursuing?

Derrick: I was studying Procurement and Supply Chain Management. And I grabbed my second class upper.

CampusEye: Why not a First Class:

Derrick: You know the fame I had, it couldn’t allow me.


CampusEye: Speaking of fame, was it because of the sextape:

Derrick: Let’s say, the sextape was more like adding the temperatures on the oven. But I was already famous, it just helped me skyrocket.

CampusEye: What was your mother’s reaction?

Derrick: I felt I had let her down. But she still understood I was her baby, deep down she must have been proud of little baby using his tools.

CampusEye: So what next after campus?

Derrick: I don’t know. You can’t predict the future. Am tryna live each day as it comes, do my best every hour and gladly hope that good karma comes to me.

CampusEye: Will you pursue acting?

Derrick: Lots of producers have been on my neck. But the movie industry in Uganda doesn’t pay. So I will go get a job in my field, and then later on pursue my private passions.


CampusEye: What was the situation like after the tape?

Derrick: My phone was always buzzing everyday with girls from all-over Uganda. Many dudes wanted to be in my place. Girls were always stalking me, asking for the same chance. It was too much fame for a campuser.

CampusEye: How did you handle it?

Derrick: Prayer, fasting, sticking to my books and once in a while giving a girl or two the chance with me.

CampusEye: Did you ever go down on Nasta once again?

Derrick: That’s my secret but let’s say we still met and had some great times together and shall always do.

CampusEye: What about the director?

Derrick: Hahahaha you crack me up. That’s my guy, that’s my bro for life.

CampusEye: Are you dating?

Derrick: Of course, I am now stuck to this one girl. She’s called Barbra and she’s kinda enjoys being anonymous.


CampusEye: Your last words to those still at campus

Derrick: When you join campus, see it as this oyster. See it as a kitchen where you can cook a number of things. You can make any dish you want. But if you do it bad, you can also make some bad dishes. Just make sure you cook something you will enjoy eating even after graduating. I cooked my meals, some sucked, but am sure, I cooked some that rocked. This campus life only happens once, if you miss it, you’ve wasted it all.

CampusEye: Thanks man, hope we invited to the party.

Derrick: Yeah, you’re. It’s going to be going down, will let you in about the location.

CampusEye: Congratulations in advance

Derrick: Thanks. Jah Bless




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