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Exposed: Shocking Secrets of Makerere University’s Top 7 Hostels

Exposed: Shocking Secrets of Makerere University’s Top 7 Hostels

As our dear freshers scramble for the few bed spaces left, the campus eye team is here to help you choose wisely. We bring you the top 7 Muk hostel in their rank and their shocking secrets.



Loosely translated as for the rich and spoilt kids, Olympia is second to none, the paradise of Kikoni with the best view. Here you get to enjoy the beautiful and well furnished rooms that go for prices 1.5million a single room and 1million for a double room,the swimming pool, super market, the exclusive Delish restaurant, a security cameras and so you never have to wander as it has almost all the services you need, But like most top hostels, sleep overs are prohibited, non residents are also not allowed to stay beyond 11:00pm. As expensive as it is, you will also still pay for swimming, wifi etc. It is also known that what happens in Olympia never stays in Olympia, the reason they keep making news for the tabloids, I would urge the fresher that wants a drama free life to avoid this one by all means.


Located just below the Eastern gate of the university, it is a hostel good enough for the rich kids that prefer non-drama filled lives and those that missed the much fought for slots in Olympia, it would fill that void for you. Here you get to enjoy beautiful spacious rooms where a single is 1.6 million, a double at 900k and a tripple at 500k. It is also the only hostel witg free gyming services and is just in the reach of everything that suits the average campuser, the rolex stands, shops, salons etc



It is one of the oldest but still in good condition and still topping lists. Given the strategic location, shuttles, some tarmac and fair rooms of prices 1.2 million a single and 850k a double makes it a good hostel too. It harbours most law students as it is nearer to LDC. However Nana is known to be the strictest hostel, one where if you are the kind of fresh man that will need to sneak in your chaw partner on those nights, it may all be in vain, here the guards do the signing in for you and unlike other hostels where you sign in at the gate, for Nana it is done right at the entrance of the hostel. Noise is prohibited as well as cooking in your room.


Not known to many, the recently built hostel is located on Karlmax building in Wandegeya along Bombo road opposite YMCA. Here you will never lament about dust and the slums, it is along tarmac. It also has exclusive double rooms that go for 850k, there are no singles. However, the major problem being it has no shuttles hence your car would come in handy here more so for students offering Engineering courses as they are at the Eastern side of campus so this hostel could bea little frustrating for you as you may have to do alot of trekking during your stay there. It is also here that you will never sleep soundily, the vehicles on the road sound like it is raining cats and dogs more so for the people that sleep on the ground floor.


This one is for the ladies, located along the road to Bwaise, the fairly new hostel is another Olympia with in if one chose to ignore the not-so-pleasant outside look, the inside definately makes up for it, the magnificent rooms cost 900k. It is known to harbour classy girls and those with strict parents protecting their girls from the life in the mixed hostel. However when it comes to strictness, it is second to or even worse than Nana hostel, not every non-resident can walk in anyhow most especially the surprise guests, it is the only hostel where you visit only on appointment, the host must pick you from the gate as a rule although this could help in the case of parents that fancy random visits to catch you off guard.


nalika hostel

Located in Kikoni, it is one of the most organised hostels, With prices fair enough with varrying prices 600k a double, 700k a small single, 750k a single medium, 800k a single extra large and a single extra large that is self contained is 900k. It also has one of the best security system thay involves finger prints. With rules not so strict, be sure to enjoy your stay here save for the dusty Kikoni roads.


nalika hostel 1

Also located in Kikoni, just opposite Kare hostel, has the most varied prices, however it has no tripples, the prices for the doubles are 920k, 770k, 670k and the singles are 950k and 1.2 million. So talk of the kind of hostel where rules seem non-existent, this one is perfect, signing in seems optional. Most party freaks reside here. Its Las Vegas, the party never ends, you can scream all you want and no one will come after you, even the squad can sleep over




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