Games Played By Ugandan University Students aka Campusers

Games Played By Ugandan University Students aka Campusers

Have you taken out time to wonder? Wonder about the games that campusers in Uganda play? How do they kill off the University stress? How do they chill? Do they simply rest and do nothing. We bring you the top games that are played by Ugandan University students aka campusers.
1.    Drinking Games
These are usually played during birthday parties, hostel drink-ups, house parties around various hostels. Some of the drinking games include beer pong, beer marathon, beer Olympics, and many other games such as last man standing where campusers compete to see who can take the most shots. For more drinking games, read this article about drinking games in Ugandan campuses.

2.    Naked Mile
This was invented at Makerere University. It involved students running out of Lumumba naked till they reach Mary Stuart Hall, scream out a name of one’s crush and they run as fast as they can and dive into the swimming pool. It was a very popular game until the University decided to officially ban it. There were crowned kings of this game that had never failed to execute a naked mile in the fastest time possible.

3.    Perform a Dare or Pay a Price
This made nationwide news when Uganda Christian University chose to produce a s3xtape as a way of daring each other.  A one Derrick Edwin Muhunde was dared to perform acts of love with another girl, Anastacia Mukyala while being recorded by the famous director, King Benita. Failure to perform the dare would amount to ridicule, pouring of scorn and loss of stars on the part of the dared dude and dudette. They performed the dare and the nation was given a product from a famous campus game.

4.    Video Games
These are the games of the nerds and geeky kind of campusers. They compete in a variety of video games most notably, the FIFA game and the Need for speed game. Last Semester, students at MUK’s school of engineering organized a one day competition to see who was the best overall at the school.

5.    Twerking Games
This one is being popularized in MUBS, especially at Akamwesi hostel. The girls compete to shake their bwattys and bootys.  Videos are recorded and a secret panel of dudes sits down to analyze and announce the winner for that specific session. It’s like a football league of sorts. When you win, you gain 3 points. However, if more than two people win, they each take one point. At the end of the semester, the results are compiled and the best twerker is announced.



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