Get Instagramming: How To Earn Money From Campus

Get Instagramming: How To Earn Money From Campus

Instagram is everyone’s favourite app. If you say that you don’t spend hours scrolling through Zari’ss instagram whilst wishing you were rich AF, you’re blatantly lying. Cmon now, we all do it. Instead of spending time in your hostel taking pics in your ripped jeans, you can actually earn some dimes from campus.

Posting shameless selfies and pictures of your #fab #pizza meal  from #KFC or #CafeJavas on your insta is completely addictive. We all do it and no matter what the reason, be it simply because you took a pretty picture, or for self-validation (yes, that’s why you’re really doing it, don’t lie), those pics can now make you some cash dollah.Instagram is populated with subtle advertising that earns people thousands a year, and you can be one of those people too. If you have over 1,000 followers, you can earn nearly five grand a year. Yep, that’s five grand for pictures on your Instagram. Simples. Grow your followers = Grow your earnings.

This is where a new app, Takumi, comes into play. It connects influential Instagrammers with brands looking to promote themselves to a certain audience. So you take an ‘artful’ shot, # the brand, and start earning.

Get Instagramming, build up those followers and thank us later.

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