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How To Get Laid At Campus?

How To Get Laid At Campus?

Hey guys, I got laid all the time in college, and I wrote up this list to help you, but I didn’t include my best tip.

It’s pretty powerful and can pretty much immediately get you poosy on any university campus.

Congratulations to the high school graduating class of 2017. That high school certificate sure was pretty fucking easy, wasn’t it? It’s almost as if a high school certificate is meaningless. Oh well. Even if graduating high school is so easy a retard could do it, you did manage to accomplish one thing: You escaped the rigid social caste system that was high school. If you weren’t cool and athletic, the last few years for you were torture and you were counting down the minutes before you could start fresh at campus and try your luck with poosy that doesn’t already have a preconception of you as a loser. You can do it. I’m here to help.

First, campus in general is a racket. Unless you’re doing STEM/Finance, you are fucking yourself. Universities today are overpriced machines built to churn out good liberal soldiers all propped up on a bubble of debt. Most University degrees don’t teach anything that will make you successful in life, or anything that positively contributes to the economy in general. Its amazing that sociology departments are ubiquitous but campuses that teach actual sales, negotiating or management skills are rarer than Stradivarius violins. If you are not interested in STEM and would rather make a foray in the business world, absorb the business school courses and make as many connections as you can. Any soft major you take is just wasting your or your parents money. Its either STEM, Finance/Econ, or go to a trade school instead.

With that out of the way, there are several things you can do to maximize your poosy, fun and social success on campus.

Social circle is god. Your status, connections and friendships mean more than anything else in col- lege. The popular, preselected man is forgiven many faults.

Sink your teeth in right away. Start forging relationships immediately with people in your hostel, hall and classes. Everyone in your hostel should know your name after the first week. Go to the mixers, get a poker game going in the lobby, go to the frat parties, knock on doors and introduce yourself to any guys or girls, it doesn’t matter. The other freshman want to meet people, too, and they’ll be happy that someone else is taking the initiative. Don’t eat a meal alone, don’t sit in class without talking to someone. Don’t worry so much about getting pussy these first few weeks, solid relationships and introductions to the right people will pay pussy dividends down the road. My best friend and wingman throughout the 4 years of campus was a guy who lived next door to me that I met before I even started unpacking my things. Your first week is probably your most important week of school.

Join a frat. Frat guys are douchebags. Which is exactly why you should be one. Girls call guys douchebag out of one side of their mouth, while having the guys cock in the other side. Guys who hate on frat guys are jealous of all the pussy those guys get. However, the frat you choose matters. There are always one or two really cool frats that you want to aim for. There are also one or two shit frats full of fags and dorks that you want to stay away from. You want to be seen at the cool frat parties. Bring hot girls from your hostel. Meet frat guys in the university gym, they are usually wearing their letters. Go up and introduce yourself, compliment their parties, tell them you are interested in rushing. Show them you are just a cool guy who can shoot the shit about guy stuff. Mention cool stuff about you but don’t come off as a tryhard or braggart. Find a friend who also wants to rush so you can help each other out in the process. Hint: The coolest, highest status frat on campus usually has a reputation for dabbling in cocaine. The weed frats usually fuck girls a few levels less hot. Just calling it how I see it.

Get hooked up in the bar scene. In most universities, there are one or two prime nightlife bars. Your goal is to get in with the owners and work for them. This is a long term goal since it will be hard (but not impossible) to do when you’re under 21. I”ve noticed at many bars, guys in certain frats have the inside track here. Bouncer jobs are great and just another reason to remain physically fit. Bartenders are more likely to be hot sorority girls, but if you can get a job barbacking or bouncing, take it.

Never miss an opportunity to go out. I stayed in a few nights in campus and I regret it like a motherfucker now. Trust me, when you wake up at 6:30 for work every day, you’ll be pissed that you didn’t go out weeknights when your first class was at 11:45 a.m. the next morning.

You are party central. It goes without saying that you should be hosting parties if you are in a frat, but even if you are not, you want your room or apartment to be a hangout/party place. If this means getting “written up” a few times for having open containers in your room, so fucking be it.

Charm your RAs. Nearly without exception, Resident Assistants are upperclassmen with no friends. They are losers but they do hold some power, so get them on your side. Go to them within the first days and chat, ask them questions and make them feel important. Shit, I’d even invite them to lunch one day and ask them for advice on how to study or on the campus experience general. You don’t need to actually give a shit about their advice. Besides the free room, RAs take that position because they like the status it gives them over the freshman, so let them have it.

Check your gossip. Don’t think that gossip faded after high school. It is still thick in college. Don’t tell people who you fuck. Don’t tell people who you want to fuck. Don’t tell people who you hate. It will get around and around. This goes both ways, too. Keep your mouth shut about your friend’s gossip as well. You are not TMZ or campuseye.

Don’t Commit. You shouldn’t be committing to girls unless you might want to marry them, and you don’t want to marry a girl your own age. Even if you manage to find a girl with a fair age gap, say a young freshman while you are a senior, remember she still has three more years on campus and you’re likely leaving the area, so why get involved? Don’t. I talk to my guy friends all the time about regrets in life, and there’s one common theme : they committed to some girl they wish they didn’t and it caused them to pass up on pussy. Don’t have that regret.

You don’t have to dump your high school girlfriend. Okay, a complete contradiction to the last tip. Also, people with girlfriends probably don’t read my blog. Anyways, remember the beginning of your college life is for forging good social connections, not necessarily getting laid (though you can do both). If you have a girlfriend from home you can make friends and girls won’t feel threatened, making it easy to monkey branch through friendships. Plus it makes you intriguing, forbidden, and preselected. Then suddenly you’re single after first semester when something goes wrong (and it will), and you have a pussy smorgasboard for the spring. I know two guy who enjoyed pussy buffets after they broke up with their high school gfs because they had female “friends” in their classes marinating the whole time.

Get female friends. People think guys and girls can’t be friends. It’s a debate for the ages, but the answer is you better LEARN how, because being friends with girls is an easy way to fuck their friends and get invited to their parties. Hot chicks are also currency that can be used to get into campus bars underage, or to closed frat parties. Remember that where male friendships are built on common interests and respect, male-female friendships are mostly built on good vibes and value.

Be a part of something. If you don’t join a frat, you need to have a niche, and I’d try to make it a sport. Even if you didn’t get recruited, you can join a club sport. These are unsanctioned and less competitive and have less social status but its still better than nothing. I hate to give them credit but the best bet is probably rugby. There will be nudity, but those guys do get laid and with the exception of one or two crazy fucks, they are pretty cool. My most unathletic friend was on the rugby team so don’t think you need to have played football in high school or something. Go to a practice, see if you like it. Most any club sport is better than nothing, but if you choose ultimate frisbee, there’s probably no way I’d be friends with you.

Put less emphasis on cold approaching. A lot of traditional game advice focuses on meeting women through cold approach. Its hard and its focus is one of NECESSITY, not because its optimal. In campus, a place where you can have many interconnected social networks, you don’t need to cold approach, and in fact it may be kind of weird. You meet friends, friends beget more friends, and hot pussy gets introduced to you through friends. There are a couple exceptions: You may need to cold approach a cute girl in one of your classes if you have no social connection to her, and as said before, the first week you arrive on campus, you should be cold approaching both guys and girls to meet them. Even then your focus is on presenting yourself as a cool guy, not Mystery Method. That said, if you see a hot girl you haven’t seen before at a bar or party, don’t say “but Campuseeye told me not to cold approach!”. I’m just saying look for a social connection first. If not, approach.

Get a core group. So far I’ve made it sound like your job will be a lot of social hopping, but nothing is further from the truth. You want a set of 4-5 solid, cool, like-minded guys you can go to battle with. These are your core. You are loyal to your core and they are loyal to you. You bring value to the group and they bring value to you. You will first meet them in your dorm, frat, or sport and you will hang out with them all the time. Choose these friends wisely and cultivate them wisely.

Game your professors. There are a million ways to get extensions on assignments and makeup times for tests and special credit and consideration from professors. If you get below a 3.0, you are either in a course that’s too hard for you, or you are not putting enough effort into gaming the system. One thing that worked great for me was bringing a voice recorder to class and recording the lectures. Some professors love to drop in easter eggs about what will be on the test during their lecture.

All in all, I did a lot wrong in college. I fucked up a lot of my rules above and my game was still in the formative stages, and I still got higher volume pussy in college than any other time in my life. People will tell you it is the best time in your life and you’ll roll your eyes but I’ll be honest, if you do it right, the potential is sky high. Cherish it.



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