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    How to Prepare When your Parents Want to visit you at campus

    How to Prepare When your Parents Want to visit you at campus

    By Augustine Kinaalwa

    Having your parents visit you at campus can both be exciting and worrying. You want to create that impression that you’re a focused and disciplined student, yet you’re somehow afraid they might smell some of your mess. For nice kids out there, thanks for the discipline. You have nothing to worry about when your parents promise to visit you, even when it’s just a surprise visit.

    Yes — a surprise visit. It has ever happened to some I guess. Your parent calls you and says he/she is right there waiting for you at the university main gate. So you need to go out of the lecture room and meet them just the way you are, dressed in your skinnies. From there, they request you to take them to your room.

    If you’re the nice kid, this guide may not be for you.

    For crazy kids out there, I guess you’ve got some dirty things you would like to hide from your parents. So, read on to find out how best to engineer the atmosphere when your parents drop in anytime.

    First thing: You don’t want a surprise visit

    Your parents are visiting. You should be glad. But you don’t want them to surprise you. So, how do you make sure they don’t visit without telling you?

    Maintain a regular connection with them. Don’t disconnect yourself completely from them. If you call them regularly, one time your mom will surely mumble something about their interest to visit you. So you will know you’re expecting visitors anytime soon.

    Mom and Dad are on the way: Hide the booze!

    So now, let’s review quickly some of the things you need to hide far away from your parents’ sight. First, throw away any empty bottles of wine. You’re not a wine connoisseur. Clean your room and remove any traces of smoke and consumed cigarette pieces. Pin down those funny pictures of half-naked celebs from your wall, you’ll pin them up later when your parents have left. If you have a room-mate, you will want to request him to put his stuff in order.

    Friends don’t visit. Boyfriend/Girlfriend don’t visit

    Your intention is not to hide your friends or lover from your parents, but to actually remove possibilities of any mess happening. You know some of our friends don’t know how to behave right before our parents. They might end up speaking out things you never wanted your parents to know.

    Thanks be to God, this is not a visitation day!

    One thing you should like about your campus is that there is no V.D. That is only high school program. So don’t worry about your parents pestering you to meet your lecturers, or to look at your results. You’re now a young adult and you can only tell them how much you score only when you want. And in fact most parents will never mind about your results so long as you tell them the semester is done. They will only wait to see you graduate.


    I will say this is a game you have to play right. I know it is never a good thing to hide something from your parents. But you don’t want to worry them either with your inappropriate behavior. Since you’re now a young adult, I think there are certain things you now need to keep by yourself. You need to start an individual journey, and it won’t be good if you expect your parents to accompany you.



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