Interview: Anita Fabiola Opens Up About Grief After Prof. Mukiibi’s Death

Interview: Anita Fabiola Opens Up About Grief After Prof. Mukiibi’s Death

For the first time, city socialite and former Be My Date Host, Anita Fabiola Kyalimpa has given an interview in the aftermath of Professor Lawrence Mukiibi’s death. We reproduce the interview here as the beauty queen reveals deeper secrets about her depression, her future and the legacy of Prof. Lawrence Mukiibi.

CampusEye: Hi Fabiola, thanks for granting us this interview. So let’s get started. Where did the news of Prof. Mukiibi find you?

Fabiola: It actually found me in the shower room. I had partied the night before but I still had an appointment in town that morning. Then my call begun buzzing non-stop. Normally I don’t pick numbers I don’t know. But this time round, my heart shuddered, it was a premonition of sorts. I picked and the voice on the other side broke the news in half tones; “Fabi, Daddy is dead.”

CampusEye: Did you bother to ask which Dad?

Fabiola: The first name that came to mind was my school Daddy, the sweet professor. I had visited him in hospital that week, he had clasped my hands then whispered that he felt we may never meet again. I laughed it off. But now when the news came it, I knew there and then, he meant what he had said.

CampusEye: What did you do after that call?

Fabiola: I immediately got paralysed, stopped everything I was doing, started sobbing. I then sent out a message to all the people I was supposed to meet and told them that I had called off the meetings. I didn’t give a reason.


CampusEye: After the burial, when the stories started circulating that he had sexually molested his students, did you feel betrayed?

Fabiola: Not at all. They could have said a million things about him, but my impression of him, my memory of that man would have never been fazed. In fact, the more bad things went around him, the more I held dear to the awesome times we had together.

CampusEye: What were those memories?

Fabiola: I used to have a very low self-esteem. I was very conscious of my body, low confidence and I generally didn’t believe I would turn out to be somebody. I was always in and out of mini-depressions. Then comes around Daddy and he is the first man that truly believed in me. While everyone around me made a fuss about about mistakes, this man was like a Jesus, only interested in my strengths.

CampusEye: So you mean, he made you?

Fabiola: If you want to put it that way. But one thing I can say, there would have been no Fabiola if there had been no Mukiibi. When I was made a prefect, he made sure he opened me up to all his networks, introduced me to the good things in life and taught me to expect much more from life and see myself as high value. He kept saying; “Fabiola you are a big deal, you must walk that.”

CampusEye: Did he ever get sexually intimate with you?

Fabiola: If I say “No”, you will think I am telling lies. If I say “Yes”, then that will become the next big news. People are free to believe all they want. I honestly don’t give an F. Even if he did me, what does that change? Will that increase global warming? Will that increase Uganda’s inflation rate? People get so petty and concerned about things that just minute. Let’s focus on his grand contributions. Not whether he slept with Fabiola or not.


Fabiola when she gave a motivational speech at St. Lawrence School Day

CampusEye: So you are saying it’s okay for him to have slept with his students? Especially the headteacher’s prefects?

Fabiola: Come on, has any of the girls come out to claim they were defiled. We are talking about rumours. And everyone has some rumour going around them. So until some girls go out and prove that he indeed used them, I just won’t give those rumours any weight. And even if it turns out to be true, the Mukiibi I know will still remain the Mukiibi I know.

CampusEye: Do you miss him? How have you been coping after his death?

Fabiola: I got depressed after Daddy’s death. He’s one man I would call up at any time of the day and open up to about anything. Whenever I was broke, he was my last and sure alternative. When they exposed my apartment on TV, he called me up and said; “Fabiola, if you want a house, I can give you one.” When my nudes came out, he’s the first person I ran to. That’s how much I trusted him with everything about him. There will never be a man who fits his shoes.

CampusEye: Btw how come you did not eulogise this daddy of yours on Social Media?

Fabiola: Because I felt I needed time solos. I had just lost one of my best friends. I just wanted to have time alone to mourn a man that made me. Even up to now, I am still mourning, even though I try to hide it.

CampusEye: What do you love the world to remember about Prof. Mukiibi?

Fabiola: I would love him to be remembered as a Daddy. You can see that all ladies that went through his hands grew up to be self-confident, ambitious, self-loving. He just knew how to unlock people’s potentials. He was always someone that you wouldn’t resist hugging. He should be made a saint.

CampusEye: One last word to the readers?

Fabiola: Just live your life. Yolo is still the trend.





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