How KIU Slay Queen Falsely Accused MUK Dude of Rape?

How KIU Slay Queen Falsely Accused MUK Dude of Rape?

Nateete Police is handling a complicated case in which a one Esther Karungi of Kampala International University (KIU) is accusing Jamiru Kivumbi (Makerere University) of Rape. According to Karungi’s version of the story, the two first met at a Sauna in Nateete (a kampala suburb) before Jamiru lured her to his home.

“I don’t know how he got my number, but he says he picked it from a WhatsApp Group that we shared. Afterwards he kept talking to me asking that we meet but I avoided him since I never meet strangers. That was around January 2017. We broke off communication. But I was surprised when in November, he once again re-initiated communications. I finally accepted to meet him in Nateete where he had gone for a Sauna session. Afterwards we got into his car, he first went and closed up his shop. Then he said he had gotten a call from his boss so I should escort him home and he changes his clothes then he can drop me off at my hostel in Kansanga. I agreed. When we reached his home, some rentals. I stayed in the car but he demanded that I at least wait for him in the living room. I stood my ground.

Then he entered the house, changed his clothes. But he came back transformed. He started shouting, claiming I had been eating his money. He pulled me out of the car. The neighbours just looked on. He forcefully dragged me inside the house, slapping me. In the process, he tore my dress. When we reached inside the house, he threatened to strangle me. He plugged his flat iron into the electrical socket and promised to burn me up. Now I knew things had gotten real serious. No one was coming to help. So I asked that let him stop beating me. We can make love in peace. That’s when he calmed down. I also requested that at least he uses condoms. He agreed to this saying he doesn’t trust girls of my tribe. That nyarus are hoes and are always infected with all tribes of STDs.

After he raped me. He gave me 20K then gave me a Bodaboda to drop me off at my place. I was very terrified. I immediately called up my parents. And next day we went and reported to police. The police doctor did the checks and confirmed that there was forceful penetration. This guy should be imprisoned for life. I am very sure he is one of those who has been targeting other university girls.”

That’s how Karungi’s version of the story reads. However, Kivumbi shares a very different version.

“I first met Esther Karungi at Casablanca. She was having Shisha with friends. I was also with my male friends. We joined them, bought them more drinks and afterwards bade them farewell for that night. On another Friday we met them at Casablanca once again. This time round they were even more friendly towards us. We kept dancing together. It seems Karungi was now attracted to me. She approached me and asked that I should drop her to her place.

I agreed. We reached her rental in Kansanga and I dropped her off. I even gave her some upkeep cash since she said she was broke. I went about with my business. She took my number and even added it to one of the WhatsApp party groups. In this group, girls and dudes decide on proggie for the day. It is one of the most popular groups among KIU students code-named; “KIU Slayers and Party Animals.” So one Thursday we met once again at Casablanca. She is a regular here, even the bouncers know her. She said today she was sleeping at my place. That’s how we actually started dating.

After dating. She told me, that she rarely slept with a man without an exchange of cash. So one day, she demanded that for her to sleep with me. I had to pay 100K. I told her, if it’s a problem of 100k she had, I would help her. But I don’t pay for sex. I told her to meet me in Nateete where I had gone for Sauna then we can go home to my place. That’s what happened. I forgot to tell you that after we started dating, she had become a common figure at my place, all my neighbours knew her as my girlfriend, even the Landlord.

When we reached home, she entered peacefully and we made love very well. The thing that brought trouble is when I checked my wallet and realised I only had 20K. She immediately lost her temper. I tried to explain that I was going to withdraw money the next day and send her the balance. She begun shouting, then said, stop playing with me. You must pay my money, you can’t use me for free. She slapped me. And threw one of my wall photos. I lost my cool and slapped her back. We didn’t fight for long. I over-powered her. And then got her to calm down and gave her a Bodaboda to her place. She went peacefully but said I will pay for this, that her uncle is the DPC of Rukungiri.

Next day, I withdrew the money and sent it to her. But she was not picking my calls. I did not know that she had already gone to her dad and cooked up a story of how I had raped her. The Dad who is also money hungry went to police and together came up with their own version of the story. They went tore the dress more to show that I had raped her. But this was not the first time I have slept with this girl. We have made love numerous times. She only turned around now when I did not give her the 100k as promised. Now they are even claiming I am part of the Entebbe gang that kills University students. Why did she accept to meet me at a Sauna if I was a stranger? Why did she accept to come to my home?”

CampusEye has investigated the story and it turns out, Karungi has numerously pulled off this stunt on her victims. They connive together with her father, and the Policemen to forcefully scare off the male victims. They even have media people on stand-by to record everything that is happening during the arrest so as to really make it seem serious. We can confirm from neighbours of Kivumbi in Nateete that the two have been lovers.

We also confirmed from bouncers and waitresses at Casablanca that Karungi is a famous party-animal, she is the queen of Shisha and always leaves with a different guy every night she comes. “We always see her with a different guy, dressed as seductively as always and ready to prey on the man’s wallet. It is laughable for her father to say that his daughter is always at hostel and at campus. He is a total fool,” says Mike one of the bouncers. For us we even used to think she was a hoe, we are surprised she is a student. Miracles really happen.”

We share the video of the house search here:




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