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Kyambogo University Graduation Clearance Is So Hard That Students Are Now Giving Testimonies When Done

Kyambogo University Graduation Clearance Is So Hard That Students Are Now Giving Testimonies When Done

By Senteza

On 30th/nov/2016. I woke up with a plan to go to the university very early in the morning to clear with the accounts department for me to be able to graduate this year.. but I had to spend some good time in prayer and thereafter share God’s word to the body of Christ. I did as the spirit led, and hence reached the university at around 10 am(extra late). I found a crowd waiting for the same issue and inquired from some of them. And this was their response

“People came here at 3am, infact those who came at 6am won’t be worked on today, how about you who has just come at 10am. Just get outta here and come tomorrow at around 2am, or pay a bribe to the guy in charge and you will be sorted.” I said no , am a Christian, I don’t bribe, but in the name of Jesus am gonna clear today and on time. Immediately I entered, to register my name on the list they follow, but I had no pen , so I moved to guys lining up inside to ask for a pen, when I reached the line, the person in charge came to me, and asked “young man, are you here to clear, me:yes sir, him:do you have everything (bank slips), me: yes sir, him: kindly follow this other line… me:okay sir…

The place had 3police officers stopping people whose names haven’t been called from entering, but I entered and no one stopped me but rather directed me. (God made a way for me) even transcript photos I took them without registering on the list and by 1:20pm, I was at work…I cleared at the same time people who came at 4am cleared…. In fact there are people who saw my arrival and departure time with everything cleared and they are asking how I cleared so fast and easily. And all I say “Jesus did it” Glory to God. Now yours might not be clearing , it can be something else, and everyone is discouraging you, every sign shows impossibilities only but I tell you that Jesus is gonna do it, God is making a way for you.he is doing a new thing…he loves us all, he is actually doing that impossibility for you, (God of miracles)..

He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think or imagine… Believe in God and in the name of Jesus..You’re sorted, God is making a way for you. Time doesn’t Matter, whether you have experience or not, whether you’ve been sick for years, whether you’re young or older, God is doing it in the name of Jesus



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