Makerere University Bans Sex, Alcohol and Mini-Skirts

Makerere University Bans Sex, Alcohol and Mini-Skirts

Makerere University has issued a new set of stringent rules banning alcohol and sex from halls of residence. Effective this Academic year, students won’t be allowed to have sex in their hall rooms, and alcohol won’t be allowed into halls.

Furthermore, Makerere University has banned gambling and anything related to Sports betting on the campus grounds. Any form of indulgence in sexual immorality will also be punishable by the new law. According to one of the deans; “this could mean shooting a sex tape, masturbation or even watching a porn movie.” The new regulations were passed by the University council during its last seating.

For these capital offenses, Makerere University has warned that those found guilty will be dismissed immediately.

The University has also warned against any acts of strikes such as smoking, inciting violence mounting roadblocks, lighting fires on roads, destroying the environment extorting money, vandalizing buildings and dressing provocatively. Those who will be found guilty of these crimes will be expelled from halls of residences.

Other punishments will also include suspension from the halls, demand for official apologies, and replacement of damaged property among others.

The other new law that comes in effect this semester is one that prevents students from sleeping out of their halls of residence without seeking permission first from the warden. According to the council members; “this new law aims at helping increase security of our resident students. They will be required to fill out a form showing exactly where they are going to spend the night, and the people they are going to/with. We don’t want another Desire Mirembe incident.”

At this rate, many believe Makerere University is fast turning into a UCU or an IUIU. On whether they will manage to effect these rules and regulations, an assistant to the Vice-Chancellor told this website that; “we are already in the process of installing CCTV cameras in every room and in every corridor of the University, it’s only that the procurement and tendering process is still being delayed, it’s just a matter of time.”

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