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    MaryStuart Girls Write Letter To Pope; Ask Him To Visit or else they will Undress

    MaryStuart Girls Write Letter To Pope; Ask Him To Visit or else they will Undress

    Dear Pope Francis
    We are the sweet delicious and welcoming girls of Mary Stuart Hall in Makerere University, you can call it the Ivory Tower. We heard with honour that you will be coming to Uganda. But we are deeply hurting because we want you to come and stitch our broken hearts. Hearts that have been crashed, beaten, trampled upon by the boys at Makerere especially the Lumumba boys. Pope Francis, our hearts cry tears, wondering whether there is light at the end of this tunnel.

    As you may already know, these guys only want us for sex. But Pope, we always try to abstain. But when we abstain, they abuse us. They say that virginity is simply lack of opportunity. So we have no option but to give them some of the unforbidden fruit. The moment they taste it, they stop picking our calls, they stop helping us with coursework or even giving us some money. Pope Francis, shall you come and visit us, so we can at least find solace in your warm embrace.

    Every day that the sun rises, we aspire to that one moment, that one hour, minute or second that we shall set our eyes upon you in our hall rooms. It will be a day that shall never escape the memory of our lives.

    Pope Francis, “te queremos” we love you. We want to kiss your feet. We want to be like Mary, the woman who poured expensive perfume on Jesus feet and wiped it with her hair. Our boys here keep saying that we don’t have natural hair, that all we have is brazillian hair but Pope Francis, we are ready to show you our natural hair. We know you will appreciate you.

    Once you come and visit us, that will mark the end of retakes for us. Pope Francis if you come and go back without passing by Mary stuart, we are going to change into our natural suits and go on a one week strike. Because this loneliness is unbearable. Please come and fix our hurting souls. Come wipe away the tears from our eyes and hearts. Come guide us home. Come ignite our bones. Come fix us.

    It all feels like a long distance love, Pope Francis. It feels like Romeo and Juliet. Anything for you Pope, we shall do, even if it means becoming nuns. We hope this letter reaches you with warmth… mwaaahhh mwaaaahhh mwaaahhhh XOXO

    With dancing legs, and shimmering lips
    Your beautiful daughters of Mary Stuart Hall, Makerere

    Hello by Adele
    Forever by Shania Twain
    Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran
    Besos De Amor by DJ Flex
    Mi Nina Bonita by Chino Y Nacho



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