Meet Lenz Byahurwa the Kyambogo University Programmer Creating The Next ‘Facebook’

Meet Lenz Byahurwa the Kyambogo University Programmer Creating The Next ‘Facebook’

Gone are the days when great innovations and inventions came out of Makerere University. Kyambogo University has taken long strides and is out to prove that it’s now Uganda’s top University when it comes to innovations. Not only that, Kyambogo University is now marketing itself as Uganda’s next Silicon Valley where all the game changers in the technology space will be developed.

The University was the first to properly roll out Online registration, Online Tuition payment, Online applications, and was in the news rolling out the first E-Voting in East and Central Africa for its forthcoming Guild Elections. But that’s a story for another day.

This week we bring you the young Lenz Byahurwa, a Kyambogo University student that’s predicted to be the next Mark Zuckerberg. “He’s creating the next Facebook of sorts, his innovations are truly revolutionary. We are about to see Uganda’s youngest billionaire and CEO,” one of the students at campus tells us.

Among his innovations include:

  1. Byahurwa is developing a text to speech converter and speech to text converter that will be used by students with special needs at the University. This will include the deaf and the blind. This innovation has already been endorsed by the Dean of Students and is currently awaiting the Vice Chancellor’s stamp of approval before it is rolled out at UNISE.


2. Byahurwa has also designed and created a Police Management System for the University. Asked what motivated this creation, Byahurwa explains; “ For the past 12 months, Crime has increased around Kyambogo – Banda Area. Crime such as thefts,extortion, robberies, breaking of houses/hostels , snatching of handbags, laptops,phones of students have increased and the Police at Kyambogo has been overwhelmed by such crimes. Suspects files misplaced, pending cases and failure of cross referencing of criminals. I was honored to meet the Police OC of Kyambogo and discussed the solution to the problem. We agreed, that I develop for them the police station a Records management system which will keep records of files, cases, criminals, police constables, attendance, payroll,statements,witnesses, evidences. I have already started designing the User Interface and completed the database. This is a c# system running on SQL Server database.”



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