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    MUBS Babe Pleads with Mityana MP To Pay Her 500 Dollars For Steamy S3x [Photos]

    MUBS Babe Pleads with Mityana MP To Pay Her 500 Dollars For Steamy S3x [Photos]

    By Staff Writer

    Wonders are not about to end, Remimah Jakana, a MUBS student was caught in the act pleading with a male MP from Mityana District to give her 500 US Dollars . Remimah Jakana assured the MP that she would make his night one to remember with the best sex positions, some invented at MUBS.

    However, Jakana has come out to refute these screenshots calling them a smear from her enemies. Jakana has also gone ahead to assure her friends that she only gives free sex not sex for money.

    Here’s her reply; “So this is what they do, they get their own numbers, save them with your name, they send themselves msgs, they even used my current WhatsApp profile pic to make this look so real! I’ve hustled and looked for Money, but this kind of way has never been part of it! Whoever did this, thank you for framing me, you are making a name as you tarnish mine! Thank you for telling the best lie about me this year, if I really asked for money like how these screenshots say, May God strike me with MADNESS, but if I’ve not asked for money for sex from anyone, may God Bless the person who did this! Thank you for using my name in such shit, my pic too! Thank you for making me cry the whole evening, running up n down, thank you for putting a smile on my enemies’ faces! But this God that I believe in isn’t asleep, he will act accordingly! Thank you for smearing shit in my pretty face, while you smear Vaseline on you ugly one! Thank you for having such a dark dirty heart that you can hurt people who have never done anything to you! May God Bless you, let me cry n cry n cry as you rejoice!”

    Jakana works at NSSF and has been called to face the disciplinary committee at her workplace over the accusations.

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