MUBS Nud3s Queen, Judith Laureya Returns With a Blast [Photos]

MUBS Nud3s Queen, Judith Laureya Returns With a Blast [Photos]

Judith Laureya, a final year student at MUBS whose Nud3s photos leaked to the public has returned in season two. Asked why she had temporarily deactivated her account, Laureya told our reporter that this was a tactical move. “Sometimes you have to retreat in a war then return ready for action,” said Laureya, the girl who’s now considered the MUBS Nud3s Queen. We bring you some of her other photos, this time round, when she’s dressed up.

Every Setback is a setup for a fantastic come back


You may be down, but what matters is getting up every time you fall


If you have a dream, no one should tell you otherwise, keep on it


In life, people are going to judge you but don’t let their opinions to drown out who you are


You only live once, you aint accountable to anyone


For on your death bed, you will only regret the things you didn’t do that you really wanted to do. Be you, do you, be a Judith laureya





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