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Racism in Uganda: At Cassia Lodge, Whites are Served Before Ugandans

Racism in Uganda: At Cassia Lodge, Whites are Served Before Ugandans

I went for dinner at this place, which is in my neighbourhood about 5mins drive from my home in Uganda and could not believe the racism at Cassia lodge by Ugandan waiters to fellow Ugandans. I arrived around 7pm with my wife and our 3yr old and headed straight up the restaurant. We had to hustle for a table for a place that had four empty tables unreserved!! Then we got thrown one menu by this Ugandan waiter, which to my response asked for a second menu to which I did not get a reply.

We then spent 20mins without any service and then I thought they might be having staff issues until I noticed something really sickening in the 10 minutes that followed…mind you this place has a small dining area and a small terrace overlooking both my house and the nature of our beautiful country, so there was no mistaking us for being in a west wing at Cheshire estate…..BUT then……..the Caucasian people were getting SERVED FIRST. Two couples and a group that came after us got served immediately with menus & all and were asked what they wanted to drink.


I had to say something to the waiter that we had been sitted for over 20mins without service yet they’ve served two other people in that time. To my shock the waiter brushed me off aside with a facial expression of cringing his face. My wife stood up and went inside to raise our concern and we were ignored by these ignorant Ugandans. I am a Ugandan and I could not believe Ugandans can be this racist to their own people. I asked a Uganda couple that were sitted in the dining area and they said they had experienced the same treatment but apparently this is a “muzungu” place…..whatever that means! I was further disappointed that Ugandans can accept this sort of treatment in this day & age in their own country!!! We need to do our own bit as Ugandans to educate these people.


To the management of Cassia Lodge – you need to empower and educate your staff or even better recruit better ……No ones actions ceases to be wrongful because it’s his custom (racism, ignorance, et al), just as the bandits son of a robber is not exonerated because banditry is a family idiosyncrasy. I can assure you I will never have anything nice to say about your place any where I go around the world.



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