Did rebels attack CPS??

IGP says guns recovered
Did rebels attack CPS??

Rumor has been spreading with news about someone or a group of people breaking into Uganda’s most secure buildings, the Central Police Station and stealing Two guns and unspecified rounds of ammunition from the armoury. In Uganda whereby owning a gun is taboo worse than death, that sort of Bad news is bound to disturb every dweller.

What comes to Ugandan’s minds after hearing of a Lost gun has never been anything but subversive activities. This can be blamed on their history whereby most, if not all their main political questions have been solved by only a gun, to this very day, some still argue.

The Inspector General of Police Kale Kaihura came out to dismiss the attack as merely an act of a few criminals who have since then been apprehended and the guns recovered.

However, why a common criminal would decide to steal guns from one of the most complex security points instead of just walking out to a nearby shop to steal the more expensive and valuable sugar still defies logic.

Whether the announcement about their capture is true or false is a matter for another day. After half a dozen women have been brutally murdered and raped in Wakiso without any clue, of recent, the Uganda police has come under fire for failing to arrest anything sensible in particular but opposition politicians.

Nevertheless, Ugandans all hope that this is also just one of those small incidents connected to absolutely nothing else.

Uganda’s heavily fortified Central Police Station



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