RESEARCH: Ladies with Big Buttocks find it Harder to attain Orgasm than those with Smaller ones.

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RESEARCH: Ladies with Big Buttocks find it Harder to attain Orgasm than those with Smaller ones.

Are Big butts anti orgasm?

Research carried out on 700 ladies in Fort Portal, Mbarara, Buikwe, Mbale, Gulu and Kampala revealed that much as most African men are sexually attracted to Ladies with Big and wide bottoms, the poor Ladies do not tend to get the Best experience out of any sexual experience unlike their leaner counterparts because of two main factors.

Firstly, since these were the Ladies of Choice for most males, this implied that the males were more turned on prior to sex and hence enabling very quick Ejaculation and conception, which fortunately is the Main and ultimate aim of Sexual intercourse for any species.

Perception is very paramount as regards male Libido, fertility and ability to ejaculate enough volumes of Sperm cells to enable conception. What a male sees us key.

Therefore, the earlier the males ejaculated, the lesser there were any chances of the females attaining Orgasm. The research also concluded that female Orgasm whether present or absent may also not in anyway be related to her ability to reproduce or not.

Secondly, there was an issue with “unlimited access” by the males to the female reproductive organ of the lady with a big and heavy bottom as regards flexibility. The males interviewed all looked at them as “cumbersome though palatable”. A small and leaner woman may therefore enable more free angles, turns and this enabled the men to try at different spots hence increasing the chances of Orgasm by the female, the research also stated.



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