Are Rwandese blinded by past misfortunes?

Blinding images of age.
Are Rwandese blinded by past misfortunes?

Paul Kagame is undoubtedly famous and approved in Rwanda. But is he truly Loved?


In the recently concluded Rwandese presidential elections, the incumbent scored over 98% of the votes, a figure analysts are arguing May be totally impossible under any normal scenario well known to man especially in a Country like Rwanda which some have termed the “Land of Beauty but no Smiles”.

Very few are doubting the credibility of the numbers yet the whole world can’t seem to cease to speak about how “unfairly complicated” Paul Kagame is. Why would all those people in Rwanda “Love and approve him” that much yet to all the rest outside, they still Looked “so Sad, frail and vulnerable” like ever before? In Singapore, if one dropped chewing gum on the streets he would be arrested and jailed. In Rwanda, he would be arrested, jailed and probably worse. A country so obsessed with cleanliness and always aspires to be meticulously accurate in a Land of mere mortals is Rwanda.

Is it that the external observers May be seeing something not agreeable with their perceived imagery of “what the norm should be” yet none seems to be brave enough to articulate it, or are they just too confused with Rwanda’s dynamics to pinpoint exactly what their exact issue is?

Nevertheless, overtime, I have been able to observe that, Just because one thinks he is “free” does not necessarily mean he is. Freedom, just like beauty, may actually undoubtedly lie in the eyes of the beholder.

A Hen may think it is free and totally safe from any troubles as it roams around man’s garden, stepping on food, saucepans, stealing grain etc because she knows what transpires in the oblivious bush. No Sane Man can ever risk harming a Hen therefore, till D day!

As a matter of fact, just because the Hen thought she was having a bonanza, her end may have betrayed her, yet everybody in the bush and the farmer knew everything but the hen!.

To ask a Rwandese Citizen “How Happy he is” is INVALIDITY. It may be accurately compared to asking a poor Jewish man who survived the holocaust if the State of Israel is Bad for any reason whatsoever?? …nope.. It can never be anything but perfect to him.

As Ugandans, we were directly horrified, traumatized, tormented and indefinitely impacted by what we saw on the shores of our Beaches on Lake Victoria in 1994. That Place needs NO NOISE whatever the case, most Ugandans agree. Whatever can deter a Repeat of what nature Made them WITNESS then shall always be welcomed and supported even if it means tying everyone’s mouth on Rwanda with rubber band. Ugandans therefore may not dispute anything coming out of Rwanda unlike the rest of the world.

Nevertheless, there can therefore NEVER be a scientific Poll that does not consider the emotional state and well being of the Specimen.

That particular specimen Is Null and Void if its case is “EXTREME” among the populations to be studied.

An outsider shall be the best fit to Speak for a Lot of such unspeakable past yet so recent misfortunes. Only after a time that they have healed shall they be able to clearly analyze and perceive matters of “freedom” objectively.

A drowning man may think the tail of a snake is more precious than Gold whatever you shout at him from a far, until he is out of the water, and after that, everything he sees at the shore shall be precious.

As for now, everything, every condition, every being, every situation that Is a centimetre BETTER than whatever happened to Rwanda in the past is 100% Perfect,, to them.



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