Slay Prophet: Who Is Elvis Mbonye? The Man with God’s Whatsapp Number

Slay Prophet: Who Is Elvis Mbonye? The Man with God’s Whatsapp Number

On Friday, an audience of over 500 people gathered at the Kololo Independence Grounds to honour man of God, Prophet Elvis Mbonye. It was Mbonye’s birthday. The photos are what took the country by storm as the congregation was seen kissing Mbonye’s shoes. Among these was famous sports journalist, Joseph Kabuleeta. But the dinner too had not been free from controversy. Those who wished to attend had to pay at least UGX 300,000 in a country where majority live on less than a dollar a day.

But who is Elvis Mbonye, a man who has made a name as a slay prophet? Early this year, Mbonye accurately prophesied the winners of the 2017 Oscars. His prophecies have also included UPDF plane crashes, people’s private lives just to mention but a few. Prophet Mbonye started off silently at Theatre La Bonita before his congregation grew exponentially leading him to Imperial Hotel next to Serena, Aya, Kololo and now at Kyadondo Rugby grounds. He is the man behind the Zoe fellowship that congregates every Tuesday evening.

In an interview with NBS TV, Mbonye confirmed that he had been to Heaven where he met God and Jesus. “Jesus is a very young man, I was surprised by his youthful look,” he noted. “I have seen Jesus and the most pronounced thing is his eyes. He looks at you with no condemnation whatsoever. ‘I have walked to Heaven and what most people don’t realize is they too can. When the veil went, Heaven was opened. There is a higher life than what people have known before. Everyone should be introduced to the spiritual life,” he told Mable.

When PR Guru, Kyamutetera publically went bare knuckle on him. Mbonye later told his congregation how he had saved the lives of Kyamutetera and his wife. “God was taking him and I asked that he be forgiven. Now he has taken his wife to India yet the solution is here,” he seemed to brag.

In 2012, he published his famous book; “Tasting the Powers of the Age to Come” that revealed more about the Office of the Prophet. In 2014, Mbonye started organizing small meet-ups at Hotel Triangle where he would reveal a few mysteries from the prophetic ministry. From then on, numbers went viral, it was working. He shifted base to Open House near Watoto church on Buganda road before heading to Theatre La Bonita and Imperial Royale hotel.

Mbonye was born in 1977 on March 27th. A Mufumbira by tribe, Mbonye is a son to Leo and Teddy Ntiru of Jinja.  Leo Ntiru comes from the famous Rugigana family in Kisoro. The family later moved to Bugolobi where Mbonye spent much of his childhood. The Ntiru’s family was of seven siblings who later bade farewell to their deceased parents in 1990 and 1996. Two years after the death of his mother, Mbonye got saved at Makerere University during his first year. He was pursuing a Bachelor of Development Studies degree. Hardly a year later, he begun to experience the supernatural sphere.

For his earlier education, Mbonye went to Mbuya nursery school and Kiswa primary school. He even went to the mighty Kigezi College Butobere for O-level and Standard High School in Zana for his A-levels. Mbonye is married to a very rich woman, Harriet Mbonye who prefers to keep out of the public eye so she can run her business in peace. She’s never attended any of the fellowships. The two celebrated 6 years in their marriage and are proud parents of twins. On top on being a slay prophet, Mbonye is also a Salongo, no wonder he demanded his double honour.

And if there’s anything to say, Mbonye is surely a man who splinters opinion. But as Cassius told Brustus; “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”



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