Tales of Every Ugandan University Student

Tales of Every Ugandan University Student

  1. When University is nearly finished and you still don’t know some of the names of the people you chill with and it’s just too late to ask.
  2. The hardest thing about not being at University is fitting into your family routines again. Like suddenly you can’t shower freely at 2am, just eat rolex for supper and party without a curfew.
  3. Making new friends at Uni is all fun until you finish campus and you all live miles away.
  4. Course Work you get an A, Assignments, you get an A, Tests you get an A, Practicals an A, then comes Exams and you have an F. How is this even possible?
  5. When you find out that the hot girl who you were scared of vibing was nailed by the dude who dodges lectures, and is broke like fuck.
  6. Library culture is asking a stranger in the library to watch your books so that other strangers don’t steal them.
  7. When you suddenly realise you are at University just for the transcript.
  8. The first 15 days of First Year, First Semester when conversations are awkward, and everyone is hanging around in their secondary school cliques, everyone prints the lecturer’s handouts, no one dodges lectures, everyone is on time. Then hell breaks loose.
  9. When you plan a beach hangout for the coruscates, and everyone agrees, only for everyone to have something to do on the real day and you are left with nerds and ugly babes
  10. The hostel roomie that never buys anything, waits for you to buy and then remembers they are hungry.



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