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The Number One Need of a Man is Sex.

The Number One Need of a Man is Sex.

The number one need of a male is sex. I didn’t say the number one need of a man because man is spirit. A man needs God.
The number one need of a male is sex. Why? Because the male is designed by God to be a progenerator. That means a male is always full of seed. His purpose in life is to provide seed. That is why every male right now is carrying half a billion sperms in his loins right now. He is a seed carrier.
So his number one purpose in life is to provide the genes or the generations or the genes for the generations. So a male is designed by God to produce generations.
That is why when God wanted to create a generation he never went to a woman, he went to man. Because a man carries the generations. He said; “Abraham, a nation shall come from you and Sarah will incubate the nation.
So a man needs sex. A man doesn’t want sex. He needs sex, he needs it. Men don’t want sex, they need sex. A need is something that helps you function. A car doesn’t want gasoline, it needs gasoline. You don’t have gasoline in a car, it stops functioning.
A need is not a want. Men do not want sex, they need sex. Now because a man’s number one need is sex, because he is driven by the divine purpose to produce seed. That is why men have no cycles. A man has no menstruation cycle, he is always ready. All the time, everyday, all day, anytime, anywhere the guy is ready.
So you see a man aint gotta build up the sex, he is just ready. And he aint got no cycle so he is ready even when you are not ready.
It creates a problem. Now most women wjo are married especially you Christian women, some of you think your husband got a demon. “What is wrong with you man, you had it last night. This morning again, what is wrong with you? And yesterday you had it even the day before. You sick man, I am gonna pray for you. I am gonna take you to Pastor Mathew and cast out this nymphomanic demon. You are full of the devil!”
And so you take your husband down to the office. You make an appointment to see Brother Mathew and say Pastor my husband has a demon. He is a nymphomanic, he won’t lay his hands off me. You gotta pray for him, cast that demon out.
And Pastor Mathew says; “I got the same demon. Your husband is not sick. He is normal.”
And if anybody here want to be too spiritual, any brother here want to be too spiritual, if you don’t have the same desire, you need prayer.
Credit: Transcribed from Dr. Myles Munroe Sermon.



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