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    The Perfect Female to Male Ratio for Campus House Party

    The Perfect Female to Male Ratio for Campus House Party

    By James Onen

    Today on Alive & Kicking: What is the ideal female to male ratio for house parties? I say 60:40.

    My Reasons:

    1. If there are way more guys, no one will enjoy it. Thirsty guys will swarm the ladies and smother them. The ladies will reject most of them and the guys they would have liked to talk to (i.e the cool guys) would avoid the commotion altogether and sit in a corner among themselves or just leave. Everyone will leave saying the party was shit.

    2. If there are way more ladies, like a 80:20 ratio, no one will enjoy it – not even the guys. I know, you’re thinking ‘more women!’ but the truth is those more women will huddle up into groups and be unresponsive to guys out of some solidarity with the sisters. The ugly ones will put pressure on the cute ones not to entertain any offers for conversation from guys. I’ve seen this many times. Hahahaha

    3. A fifty fifty ratio is not as good as it sounds. Everyone will assume there’s someone better to talk to so everyone is constantly moving around and not focusing on anybody thus no meaningful conversations are had.

    4. A 60:40 female to ratio is just right. The ladies are excited and ready to mingle. There being slightly more of them makes them more daring so some will ratchet up their game for some attention. Hahahahaha. And since there aren’t too many guys they will feel more comfortable coming out of their shell. This will in turn increase interaction and overall fun for everybody.

    Editor’s Note: Even a 1:1 ratio would work, Even a 1:2 or 2:1. All you have to do is eliminate anything called phones, social media, whatsapp… just eliminate any distraction and the party will be on. Otherwise even a 60:40, if women have their phones, a house party will still be a bore.



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