Top 5 Most Local Ugandan Universities in 2016, Kyambogo Tops List

Top 5 Most Local Ugandan Universities in 2016, Kyambogo Tops List

By Tracie Mugisha

With 2016 coming to an end, we put our campus audience (the best of the best) to a simple test. One of the questions involved a rating as to what they considered the most local Universities in Uganda. Of course, we believe that as Campus Eye, we have the last word on all campus issues in Uganda, and thus declare the following the most local Universities in Uganda.

1. Kyambogo University For a long time, Kyambogo University has claimed this top position without dispute. It is a University where you will be hated for being smart and tidy. It is so local that last time one of the clubs in town was opened, a fresher from Kyambogo actually left her shoes at the entrance of the club. Another knelt down for the bouncers, talk of a true Muganda women. But all that on the side, if you go to Kyambogo, you will forever be local. It costs nothing to be local in this University. “The reason my English requires patches is because I went to KYU, I really regret,”says Marion a former student.

2. Muteesa Royal University Okay, why are we even talking about this one? You and I know it is local. Even the students themselves know they are local. In fact, it’s one of the requirements for admission. “All students and lecturers must be local without fear or favour.”

3. IUIU Mbale Okay, let’s agree these people are local. If you disagree, go argue with your ancestors… next…

4. Kabale University Honestly, who shows up with sweet potatoes in a lecture room? Who shows up in gumboots in a lecture room? These things sound like impossibilities until you go to Kabale University and see them happening on a daily basis.

5. Ndejje University and Busoga University Okay this was a tie. But for Busoga University, it’s not just about being local, it’s about being dumb. A Busoga University student will travel to Kampala to buy an item for a lesser cost. One of those was the Guild President who used transport to go to Kampala and buy note books at price difference of UGX 300. But who does that? As for Ndejje University, please re-read that name? Ndejje. What comes to your mind when you hear the word Ndejje? Sounds like a shrine in Komamboga.




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