Top KCCA Official Snatches Wife From Gender Ministry Boss

Top KCCA Official Snatches Wife From Gender Ministry Boss

As I write, Bloody Mukabya, a top person at KCCA is entangled in a sex scandal that has for years been kept under wraps from the public. It involves him snatching a married woman, a one Jessica Hilton (Facebook names: Jessica Myles) from her husband, Patrick Okapiri who is a high person in the Ministry of Gender. Okapiri has been married to Jessica for over 7 years now. But they have no children together.

The two love birds have been in their relationship for many years although Mr. Okapiri has been unaware. All Jessica’s relatives are fully aware of her actions but have decided to keep it to themselves because it is rumoured that her husband “doesn’t function”.

In fact in 2015 after Christmas, Mukabya was hosted by Jessica at her family home in Ngora – where she showed off Mukabya to whoever cared to ask. He was there for about two days. After his visit, he returned together with Jessica’s mother who was unwell at the time to Kampala for treatment.

It is said that at one point in 2015/2016, Jessica actually left her marital home and settled at Mukabya’s pad in Seeta for some time. Whether she went back to her marital home is not yet clear though.

Who is Hilton Jessica?

She’s a tall, brown and outgoing girl from Teso. She goes by the name Jessica Myles on her FB page. She’s about 40-42 years old but you can not tell from her looks. She could easily pass for a 30-year old. While her mother is known, her father is not known. But she grew up at a prominent minister’s home from Ngora/Teso who passed away recently.

She studied at Nakawa Business Institute (Now MUBS) and has a child from a Tanzanian man she met while studying at Nakawa. He went back home and left her with the kid. This child is currently being raised by Mr. Okapiri since he has failed to ‘manufacture’ his own from Jessica. As earlier stated, rumour has it that he doest function since he has been living with over 4 known women but all failed to produce children.

After Nakawa, she studied for a degree in procurement/logistics at Kyambogo University, all sponsored by Mr. Okapiri. Jessica loves the good life and doesn’t hesitate to enjoy her life with whoever has the means to finance her expensive lifestyle.

And who’s Patrick Okapiri?

Now, if you are talking about moneybags in town, Okapiri is one of them although many people aren’t aware. In fact, many who know him are shocked that his name never appeared anywhere during investigations into the pension scam at Public service. He worked in public service for many years in the salaries section. He was later transferred to Gender where he is now a commissioner.

He tries so hard to mask his riches by living a humble existence but those that know him are aware of how immensely rich he is. He owns a number of buildings in Kampala’s suburbs. He has no known children despite being married for many years. You will find him on a good day enjoying his beers and when he gets high, you find him insulting all the hangers-on he took out for a drink.

His in-laws openly despise him for supposedly having been “knocked by a ram” which probably explains why they are not bothered by their daughter’s philandering ways. Hmmmm, the things that go on in Kampala!

Who’s Mukabya?

  • A mugwere from eastern Uganda. Studied mass communication at Makerere University.
  • Worked at New Vision as a business reporter before joining URA.
  • Currently works with KCCA, having come there with Musisi from URA.
  • He is a top person at KCCA.



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