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Ugandan Graduates Recount Their Biggest Regrets At Campus

Ugandan Graduates Recount Their Biggest Regrets At Campus

I spoke to a number of Ugandan Graduates, the fresh ones and asked them to share those things they would do differently if they went back to campus. Here’s what they all had to say;

James Kabali:

Taking “the campus experience” a bit too seriously and thinking that life ends after University. I could have networked better with professors or maybe spent more time reading good books. The truth is that for people who life right, it only gets more fun after campus. I managed to move to a major city about 3 years after graduation, parties I went to were way better, girls I ran into a lot hotter, and people I met a lot cooler.

I took too much life advice from losers who amounted to nothing in life after campus rather than taking life advice from winners who made something out of their lives. The losers who amounted to nothing are the ones who will come on here, talk about how much life after campus sucks, and convince you how life ends after campus while they moved back in with their parents and couldn’t even get a job.

Doreen Himbaza:

I made the same mistake: I spent all my time and effort on academic matters while my social life slowly died, ignoring that networking is just as important. Unfortunately, OP, building a social life after campus/uni is difficult: It’s not impossible, but it’ll require great effort.

So yes, I do regret that… very much.

Charles Mwebesa:

I would tell my younger and naive self to tell the band mates and the girlfriend both to go fuck themselves. Both were absolutely SHIT without me. Girlfriend ended up with a kid who’s father wants nothing to do with the kid, and she’s now dating a heroin addict. Band broke up because the remaining members couldn’t write songs. They were dependent on me showing up to practice with pre-written material.

Drop the dead weight, kiddo, and do you. You’ll be glad you did in about three years. Ohh, and don’t move next door to Monik once you do get that IT job. She’s fucking psycho and family/your landlords scam you for money.

Hash Benon Mugula:

Grow, grow, grow.

I was a naturally negative, pessimistic, cynical person with a big ego.

That is no way to go through life, I wish I had started meditating and seeing things differently sooner, other than that I don’t have many regrets.

Did I go to many parties? No. Did I get laid much? No.

But is that a true measure of success? I guess it depends.

Either way, I find it fruitless and sometimes harmful to regret this and that and wish you had networked more or studied harder. It’s a done deal, you can control everything from this second on, not the other way around.

So grow mentally and be as conscientious and friendly as you can bear and great things will come.



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