Uganda’s Top Five Feminists on Twitter (FOT); Who Are They?

Uganda’s Top Five Feminists on Twitter (FOT); Who Are They?

Following the Twitter outburst on the NBS TV ‘Another Round’ Show, a number of our readers have written asking about the iron ladies behind the Ugandan feminists on Twitter. These ladies who seem to run Twitter days later were also at the receiving end of the hashtag #10ThingsFeministsMustKnow. But who are these ladies running a feminist SACCO on Twitter? They are the ladies who men would not dare attack for they react back like a swam of bees. We unveil the ladies in this feminist SACCO.

  1. King Godiva: @amgodiva

She describes herself as a skinny nigga with big balls. She is one of the ladies who would rather die than use the word; ‘woman’ instead of ‘womyn.’ Her full name is Godiva Monica Akullo. Godiva is a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Makerere University, a Masters in Law from Harvard Law School and a Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Centre. She is also lecturer on law and a legal consultant.

2. Tricia Twasiima: @triciatwasiima

Tricia is the true definition of a 3rd wave feminists. Twasiima describes herself as a lawyer who’s interested in articulating the multiplicities of identities by advocating, writing, and pushing for change in small and big ways. Her full name is Patricia Twasiima Bigirwa. She’s currently the Program Officer at Chapter Four Uganda. According to close male friends, a conversation with Tricia will always be seen as another lecture on mansplaining, misogyny and the male privilege.

3. Ophelia Kemigisha: @K_Ophelia

In her own words; “Advocate. Aspiring CJ. Feminist. Avid Reader. Caught the wanderlust.” Ophelia works at Chapter Four Uganda as a Staff Attorney and has been here since 2014. She’s another lady passionate about women rights.

4. Leah Eryenyu: @ironladey

Indeed Leah is an iron lady, no doubt about this. First and foremost she is a dog lover and feminist. At this year’s social media conference, she gave the audience a lecture on how to stop harassing women online. Of course, Leah too could have needed a similar lecture for her fellow Twitter feminists who harass men online. The girl from Kaberamaido has been toughed by the furnace of her childhood where she claims to have been ostracised for her sex.

5. Edna Ninsiima: @BeingEdna

Edna blogs on her personal website:, a very active lady with Koikoi, a digital communicator and a radical feminists. Edna claims to neither conform nor seek approval. She’s a lifetime member to the feminists’ sacco on Twitter.



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