“Work Hard, Play Hard”—MUBS Principal, Balunywa to Campusers

“Work Hard, Play Hard”—MUBS Principal, Balunywa to Campusers

In 2012, Prof. Waswa Balunywa, the Principal of MUBS gave out this insightful advice to all University students.:

“I had the campus Jazz crew in my office and they wanted me to send a message to the campusers. indeed they reminded me of my campus time. But my campus time was in India,a very different environment from that in Uganda. The University of Delhi had over 100 different constituent colleges. I do not know how many they have now, possibly 200. University life is the best time you can have in your life especially if you don’t have family obligations, its the time when you can enjoy yourself without hindrance and excess baggage. It comes once in a lifetime. It is a time when you have to take decisions yourself, whether you want to go to class or the disco or the bar or the gym nobody cares what you do. Unfortunately your decisions show up in your examination results. At times even beyond class when you become a social wreck. My advise to campusers is to use your time well, read a lot but take time to relax have fun and enjoy yourself. After campus, the first thing you will realize is that you are no longer as important as you were a student until when you are able to get a job. Avoid being a wreck, avoid drugs, don’t drink too much and most important don’t marry your classmates. For boys look for chics younger than you, for girls look for dudes older than you minimum age should be five years. Good luck.”

I appreciate reactions from various friends and family. It appears that the issue of age to have been the most speaking point. What I have said has both merits and demerits but my advice has more merits than demerits. These are the issues
a) When you’re in school/university its very natural to fall in love. Its only human and very rare to receive advice that I have given you from anybody because our society has been in a way secretive in these matters and people won’t talk much about it so I will be saying something new.
b) Girls mature more quickly than boys so girls at the same age have a higher mental age than that of boys. So the issues of how to spend the money, how families are developed, how issues are viewed, girls may have major thoughts. It should only be fair in this thinking
c) Girls grow older more quickly than boys. As couples age, those with similar ages will have the woman looking much older than the man. This has its challenges
d) The decision you make between the age of 19 and 25 is much more emotional than rational. As you grow a little bit you may wish to rethink the decision as somebody said it’s based on love which is said is blind
When you are in university as a boy and you take a decision to marry during that period your decision is likely to be something to rethink years ahead. So ideally you may wish to marry a girl who is in her 3rd year average age 24, this means the boy you must about 29 or 30. One day when you 50+ you will remember what I said.

When you leave campus you get obligations, bills, children, rent, office intrigues, dedication in the family and many other things. my points were still and still are; a) set your goals on what you want to do, how you want to live ,spend your earnings, health among other many goals but have seriousness in yourself. Among the goals that you develop one of them is to have fun. Don’t simply work without something that entertains you or something that that relaxes you. what I know is that over drinking is not entertainment but for those where drinking is not prohibited, modesty should be the guideline. There are different ways of having fun, explore them and use them as long as they don’t contradict with your moral and spiritual health values. In terms of this spouse relationships, when you live campus you want to get married, you are lucky if you didn’t get married before you left. You can now take more rational decisions, but I still insist on the age difference, when at campus I said 5 years, when you leave campus 10 years is good. The reasons are simple, girls mature more quickly than boys, boys take more time to settle down so they need to avoid getting married before the age of 28. If boys are slightly much older possibly they are now earning, this enables them plan better and are coming to concrete decisions of settling down.

That our dear readers is the wisest advice ever given by a Head of a University in Uganda. One of these days, the awesome Professor should host for a full interview. Inbox your questions in advance.



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